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Lottery results on your phone

Didn’t Win? We’ll give you stuff anyway !

Your lottery result Instantly on Your Phone. How?

Step 1: Buy lottery Tickets
Buy lottery tickets
Step 2: Snapshot ticket with Yoolotto
Snapshot ticket with YooLotto
Step 3:
You’ve won $2Win? We tell you
Win Screen
Win money? We tell you.
No wininingLose? We give you stuff
Looser Screen
Didn’t win? We give you stuff!

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What People are Saying

  • "If you play the lottery, then this app is a must have! I have used this app every day since it first came out, to keep up with my lottery numbers and check my numbers. It is easy and simple to use. I love that I can manually enter my numbers, I love that I don’t have to run and check my numbers, With every update this app just gets better and better! You guys have made playing the lottery easier and FUN!" YooLotto User – Daniel Hubbard
  • "I haven’t been able to use it because I’m in Florida but looking over the app and the features that it has I can’t wait for me to use it down; I wish I could see when it will be available in Florida." YooLotto User – Jimmy Rivera
  • "Such a great idea! I am going to buy more lotto tickets now!" YooLotto User – Cbear87